Dryer Vent Lint – The Wizard of Newington Warns about Danger Lurking in your Clothes Dryer

Evil Dryer Vent Lint is a Threat to Homes in Newington, Connecticut

Dryer vent lint is an evil danger that lurks in your clothes dryer. When you are doing your spring cleaning projects, the laundry room is usually a place of interest. If you are really focused on doing a good cleaning, you will pull out the washer and dryer to sweep behind and under them. It’s just amazing how dirty this area gets. There is gunk from dripping laundry soap and other cleaning products to be scrubbed off the appliances. Oh! And there’s the missing socks that you thought the washer or dryer ate! What should be your most important concern is the pile of lint on the floor behind the dryer. Where did this come from?

Dryer Lint Filter – Cleaning Tips for Newington Consumers

Even if you are in the habit of cleaning the lint filter after every load, you need to be aware that only 60 percent of the lint removed from your laundry is trapped in the dryer lint screen. The rest escapes into the back of the dryer or in the dryer vent system; very little makes it to the dryer vent outside.

In addition to cleaning the lint screen between loads, you need to wash the lint screen every few months to remove residue build-up from dryer sheets. While you’re at it, check the lint filter for damage. Is it bent or torn? If so, you need a new one.

Dryer Lint Clogged in the Slot is another Problem in Newington, CT

While you have the filter out of the dryer, it's time to clean the areas around it. That whole space where your lint filter fits is probably lined with a bit of lint itself. You can purchase a lint brush that has a long, hose-like handle to clean some of this out, or even use a shop vac or the nozzle attachment on a regular vacuum to remove some of the lint and dust that has piled up inside.

When you pull the lint filter out to clean it, do you notice some of the dryer lint falling off and going down into the slot? Though it seems to be a small, harmless amount, it does add up. Where does this dryer lint go when it escapes the lint screen? Some of it builds up at the bottom of the slot. You might be able to use a shop vac to blow it through to the dryer ducts or suck it out if you have an attachment that fits down in there. There are other places where the dryer lint goes that will cause a problem.

Dryer Lint Lurking Inside the Dryer is a Fire Hazard for Newington Residents

A lot of the lint that gets past the lint trap becomes trapped throughout the dryer. Lint can build up inside the back of the dryer, around the motor, belts and pulleys. All it takes is a small spark to cause the flammable lint to ignite.

Dryer Lint in the Dryer Ducts Restricts Air Flow in Newington Dryers

Dryer lint can become trapped in the dryer ducts that are designed to remove heat and moisture from the dryer drum to the dryer vent outside. Unfortunately, very little of the dryer lint makes it to the outside. It sticks to the sides of the dryer duct and builds up, reducing air-flow and making your dryer work harder to do its job. Lint build-up in the dryer ducts adds more fuel to the fire as the dryer vent system becomes overheated or the clothes dryer throws a spark.

Dryer Lint Clogging the Dryer Vents in Newington, Connecticut

The final place that needs to be cleaned is the vent outside your house. This is the final destination of all that hot air. The vent needs to be checked for two reasons to make sure it’s not clogged with lint and to make sure it's intact, as any holes or tears could invite bugs and rodents into your house.

The end of the line is the dryer vent attached to the outside of your home. The dryer vent needs to be checked often to be sure it is working properly. When the dryer is running, check it to be sure the flaps are opening and you see dryer vent exhaust coming out. Check the dryer vent for damage, cracking, breaking, or missing flaps.

Let me Tell you about the Birds and the Bees in Newington, Connecticut

Your nice, warm dryer vent can be very inviting to birds, bees, bugs and rodents. If it isn’t dryer vent lint clogging the vent, it could be that critters have built a nest and set up housekeeping. Eventually, they will do enough damage to make it easy for them to invade your home as well.

There are several places where dryer vent lint builds up and becomes a fire hazard. Dryer vent lint cleaning is recommended annually to prevent fires and to ensure your clothes dryer is operating efficiently. When the dryer vent system is clogged with lint, you could be spending and additional $300 or more per year on utility bills.

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