Dryer Vent Cleaning and Advice from the Wizard of Newington

Dryer vent repair and regular dryer vent cleaning is necessary to prevent over 15,000 dryer fires that occur each year. Failure to complete routine maintenance and inspections is a leading contributor in dryer fires across the nation.

Dryer vents clogged with lint, dust and hair are the top contributors to dryer related fires. To reduce this risk, clean lint screens and traps before and after every use. Wash lint screens with soap and water at least once a month to remove residue buildup caused by dryer sheets. Make sure your dryer vent system is properly installed and up to code according to city, state, and manufacturer recommendations. Replace foil or plastic vents with vent made from semi-rigid or solid metal material. Check the path of the dryer vent. Be sure it is as straight and short as possible. This helps prevent buildup at the elbows of vent systems. Check out the outside hood of the venting system. Make sure it is free from blockages, freezing, or other damages. In addition to these actions, have the dryer vent system and your dryer professionally inspected and cleaned seasonally.

Dryer vent repair, proper installation and annual dryer vent cleaning are very important for reducing the risk of a dryer fire. To enhance prevention, be sure to keep a working fire extinguisher that is designed for use in laundry rooms near the washer and dryer. Test the batteries on all smoke alarms frequently and replace when necessary. Do not store flammable or combustible materials near the dryer and avoid drying clothing covered in such materials. Develop a fire safety/emergency plan. Be sure to include exits and meeting places in the plan. Discuss and practice the plan with all household members. Learn the warning signs of lint buildup and clogged dryer vents.

Dryer Vent Repair or Dryer Vent Cleaning is Necessary if:

• Clothes take more than one cycle to dry
• There is no lint visible on lint screen
• Dryer repeatedly stops during a cycle
• Clothes have a moldy smell after a dry cycle
• Clothes are very hot after a dry cycle

Dryer vent repair and cleaning will cure most dryer ailments. If your clothes dryer is working less efficiently than when it was new, then you likely have a clogged dryer vent system. This is not a sign of age or the dryer being worn out. In most cases, dryer problems are caused by lack of air-flow. Ignoring the problem can lead to a dryer fire.

John Moffat, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard of Connecticut, is a qualified dryer exhaust technician who specializes in dryer vent exhaust systems. John enjoys building relationships with customers and educating them on the efficient use and maintenance of their dryer exhaust system. He provides dryer vent cleaning, dryer vent repair, dryer vent installation, dryer vent inspections and all dryer vent services for homes and businesses in  Hartford, Tolland and Windham Counties, Hartford, Bloomfield, Wethersfield, Glastonbury, Avon, Manchester, Windsor Locks, Enfield, Granby, Suffield, West Hartford, Bristol, Farmington, South Windsor, New Britain, Vernon Rockville, Ellington, Willington, Coventry, Andover, Amston, Mansfield Center, Woodstock Valley, Eastford, Thompson, Brooklyn, Hampton, Windham, Danielson, Plainfield Village,  and neighboring cities and communities.

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